Baby Locked in Car in Rhyl

After attending to a customer in Denbigh, it was time for a nice cup of tea at Morrisons in Denbigh.

While we were there the phone rang and it was a Fire Officer in Rhyl asking if we could unlock a car with a child locked inside? We were twenty minutes away, so leaving our cups of tea we went straight there and found the baby was asleep in and only woke up when the car was unlocked.
Six firemen and a fire truck were all amazed that Ged opened the car in less than a minute by picking the lock, thus not causing any damage.

If you have a child locked in the car, do give us a call as we may be just a few minutes away and can unlock the vehicle quickly and without breaking any windows.


Denbigh Keys Locked in Boot

We were called out to Denbigh today where a customer had locked the keys in the boot of a Ford, we quoted to unlock the car and explained that we could make a spare key while we were there.

The customer was waiting to go to work, so we made it a priority and went straight there where Ged unlocked the car, recovered the keys and then made a duplicate remote key, programmed it in and got the customer back on his way to work, happy that he now had a spare key in case it ever happened locksmith Rhyl.

Replacement Ford Keys Rhyl

We were called out to a Ford Focus and all of the keys had been lost.

We quickly opened the car and made a key to fit the car locks. Then we programmed a new remote key to the car and the driver was on his way again in less than an hour of us arriving. We also saved him over £100 on the dealer price for the same job!
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Express Auto Locksmiths Rhyl

Local Rhyl auto locksmith Terry at Express Auto Locksmiths has now retired after many years serving Rhyl and North Wales as a car locksmith.
Wishing Terry a long and happy retirement.

Should you be searching for Express Auto Locksmiths in Rhyl North Wales and you find us instead, give us a call for low cost car keys and auto locksmith service in Rhyl, Colwyn, Llandudno, Prestatyn, Flint and Deeside

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